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  1. I is am are be a student.  
  2. There is He is He got He's got two sisters.  
  3. He no doesn't not don't like me.
  4. I'm English. Where are you are you are you are from?
  5. Do Does Is Are she go to school every day?
  6. There aren't There is There are There isn't some books on the table.
  7. There isn't some a any the cheese in the fridge.
  8. Are Can Were Have you speak English?
  9. "What are you doing now?" "I is study studying am studying English".
  10. Do you like lives living lived live in London?
  11. I go gone went was to the cinema yesterday.
  12. Where did you go went you you go you went yesterday?
  13. James can will is going shall to play football tomorrow.
  14. John is good at tennis but Richard is good badly better well .
  15. Mary seen already already seen has already seen have already seen that film.
  16. I've been in London ago or until since last Christmas.
  17. I am working work have been working working for two hours.
  18. I used to did use used use go to the cinema but I don't any more.
  19. Peter doesn't like beer and neither I do so do I neither do I so I do
  20. I went to the doctor's yesterday and I must wait had to wait had wait should wait for half an hour.
  21. I have been watching watched have watched was watching television last night when my friend rang.
  22. There was a robbery at the bank last night and all the money is stolen has stolen was stolen was being stolen .
  23. I am being sent am sent am send be send to Africa on business.
  24. Unless he'll work he works he worked he'd work hard he'll fail the exam.
  25. If I were you I went I'll go I go I'd go to a doctor.
  26. She liked the film isn't it didn't she won't she doesn't she ?
  27. I worked hard to pass for pass for passing to passing my exam.
  28. When I arrived at the station the train had already left already left was already left would already leave .
  29. After finish to finish finished finishing his homework he went to bed.
  30. I would like like like to would like to go to Spain next year.
  31. When he will will have is has finished the exam, he'll be able to talk to you.
  32. If he stopped had stopped would stop would have stopped the car immediately the accident wouldn't have happened.
  33. If I had asked the way I wouldn't have hadn't not have won't have got lost.
  34. You should do should have done should be done should be doing your homework before you came to the lesson!
  35. By next year he had passed will pass will have passed has passed his exams.
  36. I've rung the bell but there's no answer. He must be will be can be needs to be in bed.
  37. I'm thinking for going to go of going I go away next Sunday.
  38. Would you mind to lend lending lent going to lend me five dollars.
  39. He didn't look when crossing the road. He must have been had to be might to be should have been in a hurry.
  40. I'm given They're given I've been given I've given two tickets for the cinema.
  41. I've been sitting in the classroom for myself on my own by myself only myself .
  42. I'm looking forward to see seeing to seeing of seeing you again.
  43. He should must had to ought to have eaten something before going to school.
  44. If all the hotels are full you would better had rather had better would rather phone this number.
  45. It's high time you would do have done do did some work!
  46. I wish I didn't not say hadn't said don't say that.
  47. Take that umbrella in case it has rained rains will rain rain .
  48. In spite of she was her she's being late she caught the bus.
  49. Providing that she'll study she'll be studying she studies she's studying hard she will pass the exam.
  50. He suffers in from of on hay fever every summer.

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